Cell Phone Repair Hopkins

specializes in iPhone, Samsung, Android, and Apple Watch repairs. We can fix cracked & broken screens, water damage, broken buttons, microphone, speaker, and charging ports. When it comes to repairs, we can repair any physical, liquid, or software issues.

Tel: (952) 261-3553

Some of the other problems we fix are: Shattered Touch Screen ? Broken LCD ? Non Responsive Digitizer ? Cracked Glass ? Front Lens ? Dropped iPhones ? Mute Fix ? No Sound ? No Mic ? Speaker Failure ? No Sim Tray ? Back light ? 3G S Video Player ? Front Bezel ? Back Housing ? Vibrator Module ? Diagnosis ? USB Cable ? Home & Car Charger ? Dock Compartment ? Volume Up Down Key ? Headphone Jack Replacement ? Power Button ? Cases ? Screen Protector ? iPhone LCD Glass Screen Repair ? iPhone Digitizer Glass Screen Repair ? iPhone Water Damage Repair ? iPhone Power Button Repair ? iPhone Headset Jack Repair ? iPhone Vibrator Key Repair ? iPhone Volume Key Repair ? iPhone Home Button Repair ? Charging Port repair


Let us fix your cracked or broken screen.


We repair water damaged phones.


Have a broken button? We can fix it.


We replace dead or bad batteries.